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In parenting, the importance of colouring is a must know to enable the sense of creativity of your kids. Let's see what are those 9 factors.

8 things to know about importance of Colouring1. Self-expression

Colouring on a blank sheet, it is a way for children to express themselves. We can define a person and their feelings they had by the images they draw, the colour they use. For example, if a child draws a heart or the sun, It shows that the child is expressing satisfaction, content, and love. It is important to give children a chance to express themselves. Not all children express themselves through words and through writing, many use arts.

2. Color recognition

    Many children get their first exposure to the art, by the usage of crayons, markers, and coloured pencils.They learn how to differentiate between red, pink, green, yellow, and so on. This might not seem like a big deal, but kids who colour with crayons, have an easier understanding of colours.

    3. Therapy

      For many people, colouring or painting is therapeutic. Institutions across the globe use colouring to help people "vent" their feelings and frustrations, as well as other emotions through colouring. Children who are mad at something might choose to scribble over a picture of the sun with a black crayon until the picture is not visible to them. Children who want a certain manner may colour with more attention in between every single line. Colouring can be a way to de-stress, after a stressful day of school work. This activity calms down your mind too.

      4. Control

        Many children learn to hold a pen or a pencil only by holding and start using a crayon. For many children, the first object they have the "grip" in a certain manner and that grip comes up to a kid if they start using a crayon. We think it is more important for a kid to develop a control by using a crayon, to help them control their own writing instruments in their future.

        5. Coordination

          Coordination is yet another important lesson that we can learn from colouring. It takes a lot of hand-eye coordination to colour in a colouring page.The basic developing skills of your kid improve from the proper way of holding a crayon, to recognizing what colour they are in need.

          6. Building motor skills

            Any time a child does something like colouring, playing with blocks, painting, etc, they think they are just having fun. But the fact is, they are developing motor skills at a very basic, simple level that they will expand on later in life. Colouring with crayons or markers, pencil grasp, playing with Play-Doh, beading, lacing, crumpling paper, tearing paper, using stamps, and wiggling fingers all are activities that help to strengthen and develop hand muscles. Some of the skills are very important to help develop activities like typing, lifting objects.

            7. Focus

              I think that focus is another "big lesson" that is learned from such a simple activity as colouring in a colouring sheet. A classroom can be a "buzz" of activity, and a child may have a hard time focusing, concentrating, and staying engaged in the task at hand. Children who spend their time completing a colouring page "to the best of their ability" stay in the lines at all costs, the very best they can, despite the activity going on around them.

              8. Boundaries

                The main thing that children learn from a colouring sheet, with specific preprinted pictures on them, is how they start to accept boundaries. A toddler or pre-schooler will scribble all over a colouring sheet, without considering the boundaries, as they get older, they will begin to respect those lines and make an effort to colour between the lines. 

                9. Milestone

                  Colouring in between the lines is a milestone, a proud feeling of accomplishment, and the first step towards a successful academic career for your kids. It is a milestone for a kid to say "yes I can". It gives children a pride, a sense of self-worth, and helps them to feel accepted in a society that is often quick to judge. 

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