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Tamil Karpom Reusable Wall Colouring Rolls-Engaging AR Education

Tamil Karpom Reusable Wall Colouring Rolls-Engaging AR Education

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What's Inside The Box

• 3 Colouring rolls
• 12+12+12 Cryons
• 6+6+6 Wall stickers
• App Activation Code for all 3 rolls ( You can use in 3 Mobiles)

How to Use/Reuse?

•Use any sketch pen, pens with water-soluble inks or washable crayons

•To erase, wipe it with a wet cloth

•To clean wax crayons use regular eraser

•Do not use ballpoint pens or markers

How To Use Mobile App?

•Download Inkmeo App from the App Store/Play Store

•Click Inkmeo AR

•Scan QR code/ Enter Serial Number given at the bottom right corner of the roll

•For books you can find the activation code on the 2nd page.

•Click Validate

•Click the product and enjoy the AR experience

Learn Tamil in a fun-filled way with Inkmeo Tamil Karpom Wall Colouring Rolls coupled with Augmented Reality. Inkmeo Wall Colouring Roll is designed to promote cognitive development of your child. The Tamil Alphabet Colouring Roll is a perfect platform created especially for toddlers in order to develop a strong vocabulary base in Tamil and parallelly improve their memory power. Inkmeo Wall Colouring Roll helps you teach your kids visually and impart knowledge in them in an interesting way. So start learning Tamil and reveal the tradition and culture to your kids right from their early young age.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Augmented reality feature adds excitement

Kids love the AR feature which makes learning even more exciting thereby keeping them engaged

Great addition to classroom teaching

Inkmeo Wall Coloring Roll can be a perfect supplement resource when teaching tamil at schools or in classrooms

Perfect quality & size

I was amazed by the quality of paper used perfect thickness & size resulted in hassle-free coloring sessions

Great for beginners

The Tamil Karpom Colouring Roll provides a great starting point for toddlers looking to develop their vocabulary base in Tamil.

Great way to introduce Tamil language

This product provides a great introduction to the Tamil language introducing children to the rich culture and tradition of South India.