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My First Colouring Set Reusable Colouring Roll - AR Learning Journey

My First Colouring Set Reusable Colouring Roll - AR Learning Journey

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What's Inside The Box

• 6 Colouring Rolls
• 6 set of 12 Crayons
• 6 set of 6 Double Sided Wall Stickers
• App Activation Code for all 6 rolls( You can use in 3 Mobiles)

How to Use/Reuse?

•Use any sketch pen, pens with water-soluble inks or washable crayons

•To erase, wipe it with a wet cloth

•To clean wax crayons use regular eraser

•Do not use ballpoint pens or markers

How To Use Mobile App?

•Download Inkmeo App from the App Store/Play Store

•Click Inkmeo AR

•Scan QR code/ Enter Serial Number given at the bottom right corner of the roll

•For books you can find the activation code on the 2nd page.

•Click Validate

•Click the product and enjoy the AR experience

Discover the All in One tool to engage your kids in various activities and develop their mental ability to learn new things. Inkmeo's My first Colouring Set is a collection of Fruits, Vegetables, Alphabet, Numbers, Animals and Occupation colouring rolls. Here is a great opportunity for your kids to develop their knowledge in an interesting way. The kit is enhanced with Augmented Reality App that has made teaching easier for parents and teachers. Inkmeo's My First Colouring Set is designed especially for better learning.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great tool to teach basics

My First Colouring Set teaches kids basics such as numbers alphabets occupation which provide foundation that would be further built upon as they grow older

Fun-filled way of learning

My First Colouring Set provides a unique method of teaching kids which not only helps improve knowledge retention but also ensures they have fun while doing it

Vasanth Kumar
Diverse themes

The themes are diverse enough to cater towards different interests of young learners from fruits vegetables numbers & alphabet to animals and occupations.

Versatile educational resource

As a mother this set has been very versatile as an educational resource helping my son in various ways from increasing attention span to enhancing vocabulary skills

My child's new favorite activity

The Inkmeo My First Coloring Set has quickly become my child's favorite activity and I can see why!