About Us

There's nothing quite like seeing your child illustrate their creative genius for the very first time... Or that devilish grin of self-gratification.  
Well, get ready to give your child a creative boost of honourable brainpower, with Inkmeo's Wall Colouring Rolls.
Fun and imaginative, these high IQ wall colouring sheets were distinctively designed to stimulate your child's cognitive motor skills while enhancing their creative development. Remarkably, most children show an innate obsession to use crayons and markers to scribble or draw by the time they reach their first birthday.  Yes!  By this point, the writing is literally on the wall.  Before you know it, you’ve got yourself an aspiring artist.  This time is also seen as an essential building block towards their creative expressiveness.  By combining these crucial, yet often overlooked early developmental skills, Inkmeo's Wall Colouring Rolls advances the relationship between hand-eye coordination, colour blending and interactive story building.  
This all-inclusive kit is ideal for parents wanting to expand the basic scope of colouring pages while exceeding the high play value of colouring games.  Multiple themes have been crafted to help maximize your child's experience through the use of educational tools and visually stimulating scenery.  Each category is sure to activate their level of engagement to the very end.  Plus, these ingeniously designed wall colouring rolls are safe, toddler-proof and easy to apply.  Simply, sit back, relax and let the good times roll as your kids explore their unlimited potential.
A Wall of Creativity. A world of Dreams.