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Benefits Of Colouring | Inkmeo

Do you remember, as a kid the excitement around a new box of crayons and a set of colouring sheets!  It was something we always enjoyed doing, and we get N numbers of fond memories of colouring with our friends!  With the grown technology and digital colouring, it seems that the crayons and the colouring sheets are becoming an old thing. But many research says that it gives more benefits of Colouring using a pencil or a crayon for small children.

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Here are a few things that a child can gain by colouring!

Bilateral Coordination

The kids use both hands together to colour anything. This is an important step to learn writing, holding a pen or a pencil, tie their shoes and they can even dress up themselves.

Fine Motor Coordination

They Learn to control their fine motor movements to draw any shapes like circle, square or scribble. They start colouring the pictures within the border lines by improving day by day. 


To regulate your children's body and mind they must spend their time to colour. The patience and the time needed to completely colour an Inkmeo colouring page will definitely improve the self-regulation!


Creating their own piece of art and colouring the sheets can be a great emotional boost for your kids as well. The impression that is created by a child as you express your feeling when your child presents you with a gift of their own creation helps to build their self-confidence.

So try to spend some time with your child colouring, creating and sharing the experience - you will surely benefit from this activity! Pick your theme today.

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Read more about the advantages of colouring from our next post.

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