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Vegetables Reusable Wall Colouring Roll (6 Inch)-Interactive AR Learning

Vegetables Reusable Wall Colouring Roll (6 Inch)-Interactive AR Learning

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What's Inside The Box

• One Colouring Roll
• 12 Crayons
• 6 Double Sided Wall Stickers
• App Activation Code ( You can use in 3 Mobiles)

How to Use/Reuse?

•Use any sketch pen, pens with water-soluble inks or washable crayons

•To erase, wipe it with a wet cloth

•To clean wax crayons use regular eraser

•Do not use ballpoint pens or markers

How To Use Mobile App?

•Download Inkmeo App from the App Store/Play Store

•Click Inkmeo AR

•Scan QR code/ Enter Serial Number given at the bottom right corner of the roll

•For books you can find the activation code on the 2nd page.

•Click Validate

•Click the product and enjoy the AR experience

Introducing the ultimate educational activity for kids - the Vegetable Colouring Roll! This amazing activity combines learning and art, allowing children to spend hours colouring in various vegetables while also discovering each vegetable's unique shape and colour. Not only is this a fun-filled way to keep your kids entertained, but it's also an excellent way to introduce healthy eating habits to them. With the Vegetable Colouring Roll, your children will be engaged, happy, and healthy - all at the same time! Order now.
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