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Do you Encourage Your toddler To Scribble And Draw? | Inkmeo

Every parent like you will want to encourage the creativity of their toddlers. But do you really Encourage Your toddler To Scribble And Draw on walls? Most probably you may say no. Why? Because you are concerned about the wall and high cost of repainting it.

Do you Encourage Your toddler To Scribble And Draw-Banner-Designed by Asier_Relampagoestudio/peoplecreations/Freepik

Don't worry? We will tell you how to solve this tricky problem and make your budding artist learn to colour.  Let him play and colour with big sheets of Inkmeo Colouring roll taped to the wall or to the floor. Offer your little one with Inkmeo crayons, Inkmeo Colouring Roll, Inkmeo Activity Rolls. In the summer months, you could try some of them for your children.

Learn how to fix and make use of it from the website. Alternatively, a lining wallpaper can also be used as a drawing paper. If you are worried about anything getting messy, cover it up. 

A fun activity you can do with your kid is collecting leaves of varying shapes and textures from your garden. Help your toddler to dip them into a paint and place them on a paper to see what patterns they can make. Even if it is a mess of paint and squashed leaves, at least they will have fun playing the activity there! 

It is always the best to let your toddler experiment and explore rather than giving him orders. So let them put their hands in some paint, mix all the colours together, or scribble all over sheets of paper if they wish to. This will give them confidence in what they can achieve and it will also help them to feel a little more independent. 

Whatever your toddler creates, praise it! You could also showcase it in your home. This will let them that you value what they have created. Read what Babycenter India say about Drawing and scribbling: toddler development.

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