The image shows a  small girl sitting in a chair and a father holding his head in frustration with the his kid scribbling and colouring in the walls.

When Kids Turn Your Home into a Canvas: Effective Discipline Strategies

Imagine coming home after a long day at work, only to discover that your once pristine walls are now adorned with colourful scribbles and doodles. Your heart sinks as you realise that your children have transformed your home into their personal art gallery. While their creativity is admirable, the mess left behind can be overwhelming. As a parent, you're faced with the challenge of finding effective discipline strategies to address this behavior and restore order to your home.

Effective Discipline Strategies:

Set Clear Rules: Establish clear rules about where it's acceptable to draw and where it's off-limits, such as walls, furniture, and personal belongings.
Provide Alternative Outlets: Create designated drawing areas in your home equipped with paper, colouring books, and art supplies. Encourage your children to express their creativity in these designated spaces.
Supervise and Redirect: Keep a watchful eye on your children while they're playing, and intervene immediately if they begin to stray towards forbidden surfaces. Redirect their attention to the designated drawing areas.
Use Positive Reinforcement: Praise and reward your children when they follow the rules and use their drawing supplies responsibly. Positive reinforcement helps reinforce desired behaviour.
Consider introducing Inkmeo, a reusable wall coloring roll, as a creative and mess-free alternative to traditional drawing surfaces. Inkmeo provides children with a safe and educational outlet for artistic expression while protecting your walls and furniture from unwanted scribbles.


While it can be frustrating when kids turn your home into a scribbling board, effective discipline strategies can help address this behavior and maintain a harmonious living environment. By setting clear rules, providing alternative outlets for creativity, supervising and redirecting as needed, using positive reinforcement, and considering innovative solutions like Inkmeo, parents can navigate this challenge with patience and confidence. Ultimately, fostering a balance between creativity and discipline ensures a happy and harmonious home for everyone.

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