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Animals Reusable Wall Colouring Books for Kids-Interactive AR Learning

Animals Reusable Wall Colouring Books for Kids-Interactive AR Learning

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What's Inside The Book

• One Colouring book
• App Activation Code ( You can use in 3 Mobiles)

How to Use/Reuse?

•Use any sketch pen, pens with water-soluble inks or washable crayons

•To erase, wipe it with a wet cloth

•To clean wax crayons use regular eraser

•Do not use ballpoint pens or markers

How To Use Mobile App?

•Download Inkmeo App from the App Store/Play Store

•Click Inkmeo AR

•Scan QR code/ Enter Serial Number given at the bottom right corner of the roll

•For books you can find the activation code on the 2nd page.

•Click Validate

•Click the product and enjoy the AR experience

Is your child interested in wildlife? Does he love to visit the zoo and refuses to put down his book on animals? If that is the case, your child was born with an immense love for the animal kingdom. You should preserve this interest in wildlife and encourage it Inkmeo's Animal Colouring Book full of such animals.

Inkmeo's Colouring Book offers your child a fun, hands-on and educational introduction to creative development. By utilising letter recognition, colour blending and interactive story building, your kids will take their first big step towards cultivating cognitive motor skills, while promoting accelerated reading. This innovative, theme-oriented book contains 32 pages of fun colouring pages. Each category specifically designed to leave your child engaged with full of artistic confidence. Simply sit back, relax, and let the good times roll as your kids explore their unlimited potential. The Inkmeo Reusable Colouring book is the perfect choice for any toddler or child looking to express themselves through creativity. Encourage your child with the gift of creativity and watch them make their mark.

Kids are visual learners, craving for knowledge and new heights which is the engine of progress. Augmented Reality (AR) gives the ability to blend digital technologies with the real-world environment. Use the Inkmeo AR App on your Android or iOS phone to scan the roll. You can see the characters and objects on the roll come to life, as colourful images.

  • Contains 32 Reusable Pages.
  • Augmented Reality Enabled pages.
  • Free iOS and Android App Available.
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