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The important thing to consider while choosing the colouring tool is the age of your kid. The age of your children will define their fine motor skills as well as their ability to follow the directions given to them. Also, they will start to know where it is appropriate to colour, as well as where it is not. Hence take a note of age of your kid who is colouring before deciding whether Crayon Better than Colour Pencil for your kid.

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Advantages of Crayons:

Crayons are widely used because they are very cheap in the market. Another benefit is that crayons are more convenient for babies. Smaller children tend to do well with larger objects because their fine motor skills are not refined and they won't be able to control their fine movements like grown children. So the bigger thickness that a crayon provide is great for your little one's fingers and hands. Another the major advantage of crayons is that these crayons have more of a blunt point and if a kid tries to colour on their own body they won't hurt themselves which is always a good thing.

Drawbacks of Crayons:

Crayons only have a couple of downsides. Crayons are made of wax. If they are left in a place which is warm, like in a car on a hot summer day, they will start to melt together and kids do not really like crayons if that is not in the right shape. The only trouble for kids is that they will have a really hard time in peeling the wrapper on them once the tip is worn down. This is not too terrible when it comes to the comfort of kids which is why the crayons are still the best artistic weapon of choice for small children.

Advantages of Colouring pencils:

Colouring pencils may not be the perfect choice for small children when it comes to colouring tools but they are definitely a good choice if your children are over the age of 7. One of the advantages of colouring pencils is that the quality of the strokes are improved and they don’t seem to wear down soon like wax crayons.

Drawbacks of Colouring pencils:

Colouring pencil is not as cheap as crayons but ones can be found at a lower price if they are purchased at the specific stores or supermarkets.

So, have you decided what to buy? If your kids' age is less than 7, don't just buy crayons. Choose an easy and comfortable way to teach colouring. Buy Inkmeo Wall Colouring Roll and fix it on the wall to help them to use crayons. Inkmeo comes in an easy to fix kit which contains the following 

  1. Inkmeo - Colouring Roll - 1 number.
  2. Crayons - 12 numbers.
  3. Double sided stickers - 6 numbers.
  4. How to fix instructions (on the inner side of the box pack).
  5. Inkmeo App installation guide.
  6. Inkmeo branded stickers.

How to fix?

Read more about Advantages of Colouring activity from the next post.

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