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How to Stop the Kids Writing on Walls?

It is always a great challenge in parenting to keep your kid away from scribbling or writing on walls. Young kids just aren't born knowing where it's okay to draw and where it isn't. If you are struggling to explain stop them from doing so, here's a solution!


How to Stop the Kids Writing on Walls-Banner image1. Keep colours away:

Keep colouring tools like crayons, sketches, water-colours and pens away from the reach of kids. This will make them stop thinking about writing or scribbling.

2. Emphasize by talking:

Use short, direct language repeatedly to explain that colouring has to be done only on papers and not on walls.

3. Distract towards other activities:

Divert their attention toward other activities like watching TV, playing games etc. This will make them focus on other interesting activities and forget the intention of drawing.

4. Keep watching:

Keep a close watch on your kid and pull them away from the wall if they try to scribble. After a while when your kid gets tired of attempting, they will stop scribbling

5. Use Wall Colouring rolls:

If all the above ideas failed, then the last powerful idea is - Let them scribble. Paste a good quality Wall Colouring Roll on the wall and let them colour it as much as they want.

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