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How Does Colouring Relieve Stress? | Stress Buster | Inkmeo

Colouring For Stress Relief Colouring Could Be A New Alternative To Meditation Colouring Has Intellectual Benefits Too It Is A Perfect Example Of "Mom-And-Me Activity" It Is A Hobby That We Can Take Wherever We Go As mental stress is very common, it's always good to have a creative approach to deal with it. Use of creative art, especially colouring has great potential in reducing our stress level. Adult colouring books are latest trends and many physicians are using it therapeutically for improving mental health.

Colouring is an alternative to meditation, has intellectual benefits, and is portable. Importance Of Colouring Of course, colouring is an activity that kept so many of us entertained during our childhood. Crayons and colouring pencils used to be recognized as the instrument of elementary school, but recently, colouring has made a huge comeback in the adult's world. Adults are taking the help of this awesome creative activity to relax their mind and to distress their mind. Colouring has shown great benefits for adults. It generates wellness, quietness, and mindfulness. And nowadays, recognized as a latest creative trend. It brings us back to a simple time like childhood. It can take you out of your present worries and let your brain have much-needed rest and relaxation.


How Does Colouring Relieve Stress?

Carl Jung was the first psychologist who used applying colours as a relaxation technique for his patients. He recommended colouring mandalas to his patients, as he believed they represent the "inner process by which individuals grow towards fulfilling their potential for wholeness". Colouring action involves both - logic by which we used to colour forms, and the creativity when we mix and match colours.

Stress Relief And Better Control Of Negative Thought Colouring has an amazing power to de-stress and helps in better control of negative thoughts. Whenever we get involved in colouring, the spark of creativity produces an immediate soothing effect on mental status. Stress and anxiety level gets lowered. Negative thoughts are expelled so easily and we get an improved mood and positive mental status. Of course, colouring wouldn't make our problems disappear, but it will certainly put them on hold for the time being. 

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