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Most of us simply know that we love colouring. But does Colouring Helps Reducing Stress? Taking out our favourite colouring tools and filling in an abstract design keeps us focused on the activity at hand. Whether we are by ourselves or with a group of friends, we experience a sense of relief and are given a break from life’s issues.

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But psychologically, what goes on in our bodies to allow us to reach this peaceful state? Cleveland Clinic was interested in this very topic and shared some insightful thoughts from the clinical psychologist, Scott M. Bea, Psy.D.

According to the article, "colouring relaxes the brain. When thoughts are focused on a simple activity, your brain tends to relax.” Dr.Bea mentions, “we are not disturbed by our own thoughts and appraisals. The difficulties of life evaporate from our awareness, and both our bodies and our brains may find this rewarding.”

In a separate article, Gordon tells Piedmont Healthcare “colouring can be beneficial for adults because it has a de-stressing effect. The act of colouring requires repetition and attention to detail, so you are able to focus on the activity, rather than your worries."

Most importantly, Piedmont Healthcare highlights that as you “relax, your brain lowers activity in the amygdala, which is responsible for our fight-or-flight stress response that can lead to inflammation.”

When the adults get these many benefits, needless to say about the kids. So let them be kids for few more years and colour their creative world. Inkmeo wall colouring rolls help the kids colour the chart as well as learn new things at the same time.

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