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The ability to identify creative, educational and interactive methods to make learning fun is constantly on the minds of teachers, educators and parents. But how Colouring and Painting improve writing skills? With the new methods and tools evolving, parents and teachers always review the benefits of their approaches. Nevertheless, some methods form the foundation of making the learning experience exciting. 

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Colouring and painting activities are fundamental to the development of any child. They are widely accepted as a great way to teach and embed useful skills. It is fun, educational and interactive. Our previous blog posts touched how fine motor skills can be improved using arts and craft kits. Now, this blog post will offer more insight.

The main benefits of painting and colouring activities are as follows:-

  1. Improving Fine Motor Skills
  2. Help’s With Pre-Writing Skills
  3. Improving Hand And Eye Coordination
  4. Helping With Colour Recognition
  5. Stimulates Creativity
  6. A great way to enhance teacher/parents communication with student’s/children
  7. Gives children a sense of accomplishment
  8. Improving Focus

Without a doubt, both these activities aid fine motor skills mainly the pencil grip. It basically improves writing skills. Colouring and painting help a child practice to hold a writing tool the correct way. It aids in developing those tiny muscles in their hands, fingers, and wrist. It is very important for your children to have proper grip and control over their writing as well as colouring tools.

Watch Sara McClure from Happy Brown House, a US-based homeschooling expert teaches proper Pencil Grip to Kids.

This will help them greatly to work on penmanship. Activities such as cursive writing have also been used to further improve penmanship. For early years education, it is essential to include drawing and colouring dots, strokes and lines. It has been said that these types of activity are pre-writing skills.

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