The image shows a boys drawing on wall and on note in table with makeup kit materials and brushes

Kids Scribbling on Walls: Your Makeup Bag Turned Artist Kit! Tips to Manage

It's a busy morning, and Mom is rushing to get ready for work. As she rummages through her makeup bag, she discovers her favorite lipstick and eyeshadow missing. With a sinking feeling, she heads to her daughter's room, only to find her happily scribbling on the walls, using Mom's makeup as her artistic tools. Frustration and anger bubble up inside Mom as she realizes her prized possessions have become makeshift crayons. But amidst the chaos, there lies an opportunity to find a creative solution to this common parenting challenge.

Tips for Managing Kids' Scribbling:

Set Boundaries: Clearly communicate to your child that walls are not for drawing on and establish designated drawing areas.

Provide Alternative Supplies: Offer your child a variety of art supplies, like coloring books, crayons, and markers, to use instead of household items.

Supervise and Redirect: Keep an eye on your child while they're playing and gently redirect them if they start scribbling on the walls.

Praise Positive Behaviour: Encourage and praise your child when they use their art supplies appropriately, reinforcing the importance of following the rules.

Introduce Inkmeo, a reusable wall colouring roll that offers a mess-free way for your child to unleash their creativity. With its unique design, Inkmeo provides children with a safe and educational outlet for artistic expression without damaging walls or using household items.

    While kids' scribbling on walls can be frustrating for parents, it's also an opportunity to teach boundaries and foster creativity. By setting clear expectations, providing alternative supplies, supervising closely, praising positive behaviour, and introducing innovative solutions like Inkmeo, parents can effectively manage this common parenting challenge. So, the next time your child reaches for your lipstick or eyeshadow, you'll be armed with the tools and strategies needed to turn walls into canvases while preserving your personal belongings.

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