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What are the benefits of Inkmeo Wall Colouring Rolls?

What are the different themes available?

What is the cost of the roll?

What sketch pens can I use on it?

What crayons can we use on the rolls?

Are Inkmeo Rolls reusable?

Should I erase immediately after use?

What are Wall Colouring Rolls?

What are the contents included with the Pack?

How do I paste the double side stickers?

Can I remove the roll from the wall and paste it somewhere else?

Do the stickers provided will damage the paint on walls?

Can I use colour pencils / ball pens on the rolls?

Can I cut the roll into small sheets?

Will the app work when I cut the roll?

Inkmeo Augmented Reality App

What is Inkmeo Augmented Reality App?

Where do I download the app?

How much do I have to pay for the App?

How to activate the product?

Where do I find the serial number?

How many devices can I use the serial number?

Will the app work even after colouring the roll?

The screen is black even after activating the app. What should I do?


How many days will it take to deliver the product?

Do you provide COD (Cash on Delivery) facility to buy the products?

Is it safe to pay from the payment link online?


Are these product only available online?

Do I get any discount on bulk purchase?

Is customisation possible?