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How is the Air Quality in My City?

Every living being on the earth has the right to inhale fresh air. It is an essential need for every citizen of India. But are they getting it? Let us find out what is Air Quality Index, what does it signifies and how good is the air quality in your city.

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What is Air Quality Index?

An Air Quality Index (AQI) is a number used by government agencies to communicate to the public how polluted the air currently is or it is forecasted to become. Different countries have their own air quality indices corresponding to their national air quality standards.

In India, the Central Pollution Control Board releases a daily Air Quality Index reports of the previous day. According to the board, AQI of your city is classified as follows.
AQI Category Good Satisfactory Moderately polluted Poor Very poor Severe
Range (0-50) (51-100) (101-200) (201-300) (301-400) (401-500)

Find out todays AQI of your city from here.

What will be the health impact of Air Pollution?

  • Good indicates Minimal Impact.
  • Satisfactory indicates that breathing this air may cause minor breathing discomfort to sensitive people.
  • Moderately polluted indicates that it may cause breathing discomfort to people with lung disease such as asthma. Also, people with heart disease, children and older adults may feel uncomfortable.
  • Poor signifies that it may cause breathing discomfort to people on prolonged exposure to this air while discomfort to people with heart disease.
  • Very Poor warns you that it may cause respiratory illness to the people on prolonged exposure. People with lung and heart diseases will be severely affected.
  • Severe means it may cause respiratory impact even in healthy people too. Serious health impacts will be on people with lung/heart disease. The health impacts may be experienced even during light physical activity.

Read more about the Air Quality Index, how it is calculated and how it is monitored from the press release of Ministry of Environment and Forests.

How can I stop polluting the air? 

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