The image shows a child an parent standing with a challenging look in a room full of wall scribbles and colourings.

The Scribbling Dilemma: Parental Challenges and Practical Solutions

Scribbling, while a natural form of expression for children, often poses challenges for parents. From unexpected artwork on walls to markers on important documents, managing kids' scribbling habits can be a dilemma. This blog delves into the parental challenges associated with scribbling and offers practical solutions to navigate through this dilemma.

Practical Solutions for Parents:

Set Clear Boundaries: Establish rules with your child about where it's acceptable to draw and where it's not, such as designated drawing areas or paper.
Provide Proper Supplies: Equip your child with suitable drawing materials like colouring books or Inkmeo reusable wall colouring rolls to channel their creativity.
Supervise Actively: Keep an eye on your child during playtime, gently redirecting them if they stray towards forbidden surfaces.
Use Positive Reinforcement: Encourage and praise your child when they follow the rules and use their drawing supplies responsibly.
Consider introducing Inkmeo as a mess-free alternative for artistic expression. Inkmeo offers a safe and educational outlet for creativity while preserving your home's surfaces.


While the scribbling dilemma can be challenging for parents, it's essential to approach it with patience and practical solutions. By setting clear boundaries, providing proper supplies, supervising actively, using positive reinforcement, and considering innovative options like Inkmeo, parents can effectively manage their child's scribbling habits. Remember, with the right approach, the scribbling dilemma can be transformed into opportunities for creativity and growth within the family.

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