The image shows a girl in a room, scribbling on the wall and the father is standing at the entrance of the room frustrated with his daughter messy room with scribblings.

How to stop your kids from scribbling- well you can’t but here is what you can do

You've just finished tidying up the house, and everything is in its place. But before you can even take a moment to relax, you hear the unmistakable sound of markers on walls. As you rush to the source of the commotion, you find your little artist happily scribbling away on the freshly painted hallway. While it may be tempting to despair at the sight of yet another mess to clean up, it's important to remember that kids' scribbling is often a natural part of their creative development. While you may not be able to completely eliminate it, there are strategies you can use to manage it effectively and even turn it into a positive experience for both you and your child.

Strategies for Managing Scribbling:

Establish Boundaries: Clearly communicate to your child where it's appropriate to draw and where it's not. Designate specific areas or surfaces for scribbling, such as a chalkboard or an Inkmeo reusable wall coloring roll.
Provide Alternatives: Offer your child plenty of creative outlets to channel their artistic energy. Provide them with coloring books, drawing pads, or art supplies to use instead of scribbling on walls or furniture.
Supervise Closely: Keep a watchful eye on your child, especially in areas where scribbling may be tempting. Redirect them gently if you notice them straying towards forbidden surfaces.
Praise Positive Behaviour: When your child uses their designated drawing area appropriately, praise and encourage them. Positive reinforcement can help reinforce the boundaries you've set.
Introduce your child to Inkmeo, a reusable wall colouring roll that offers a mess-free way to unleash their creativity. With its unique design, Inkmeo provides children with a safe and educational outlet for artistic expression.

    While it may seem impossible to stop your kids from scribbling entirely, you can certainly take steps to manage the behaviour and minimise the mess. By setting boundaries, providing alternatives, supervising closely, offering praise, and introducing innovative solutions like Inkmeo, you can embrace the creative chaos while maintaining a sense of order in your home. So, the next time your little one feels the urge to scribble, you'll be prepared with strategies to manage the situation calmly and effectively.

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