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Add and Colour

Add and Colour Colouring Roll (6 inch)


Make math a fun learning process through colouring with Inkmeo’s Add & Colour Colouring Roll. Simple addition problems which are colour coded as per key, makes the addition process an easy task for your kid. Not only does this enhance their addition skills, but also improves their memory retention skills. So get the Inkmeo’s Add & Colour Colouring Roll right now and enjoy the perks of embedded Augmented Reality feature.

Inkmeo - Reusable Animal Homes Colouring Roll [6 inch]

Animal Homes Colouring Roll (6 inch)


Animal Homes Colouring Roll brings you a long stretch of pictures of animals along with their natural habitat. Thus enabling your child to easily relate each animal to its house with ease. With Inkmeo’s Augmented Reality embedded feature, you can now help your child enjoy the actual benefits of gadgets while also helping their brain develop faster and in the right direction. So get the Inkmeo’s Animal Homes Colouring Roll now and let your kid colour and learn about the various animals and their houses.

Inkmeo - Reusable Colour by Number Colouring Roll [6 inch]

Colour by Number Colouring Roll (6 inch)


Is your kid having trouble staying within the lines while coloring? Fear no more. With Inkmeo’s Colour by Number Colouring Roll, you can help your kid to focus their mind as per the instructions. The fun game of colouring, enhanced by Augmented Reality feature, makes the colouring a challenging task that kids will love for sure. So spread the Inkmeo’s Colour by Number Colouring Roll on your wall and watch your kid’s colouring skills and hand-eye coordination become masterful.

Inkmeo - Reusable Count Check Colour Colouring Roll [6 inch]

Count Check Colour Colouring Roll (6 inch)


Giving your kid’s eyes and brain the proper exercise is a necessary step. With Inkmeo’s CCC Colouring Roll, it is now easy to train your kid’s brain to identify objects, memorise them and retrieve information from their memory with ease. The colouring and checking option also helps train your children in being organized. So buy Inkmeo’s CCC Colouring Roll and get your kid’s brain energized with the added Augmented Reality feature.

Inkmeo - Reusable Good Habits Colouring Roll [6 inch]

Good Habits Colouring Roll (6 inch)


Good Habits Colouring Roll presents a very easy method of instilling good habits in your children. The simple drawings easily register in your kid’s mind as they colour them and help them establish a healthy understanding of the good habits they need to follow. The added presence of Augmented Reality also gives them the optimum use of gadgets and lets you take control of their gadgets. So buy Inkmeo’s Good Habits Colouring Roll and instill the foundation of good habits in them the fun way.

Inkmeo - Reusable Hindi Rhymes Colouring Roll [6 inch]

Hindi Rhymes Colouring Roll (6 inch)


Nursery rhymes teach your kids good habits and behaviour and also promotes in-built planning and execution of their daily activities. Our Inkmeo Wall Colouring Roll had created an easier and a better way of teaching. We have come up with a new way of building linguistic competence and promote our National language. Watch and discover Wall colouring Roll complied with Augmented Reality and see the characters coming alive.

Inkmeo - Reusable Join the Dots Colouring Roll [6 inch]

Join the Dots Colouring Roll ( 6 inch)


Connecting the dots is a very simple and useful method to reinstate the order of numbers and guiding the hand and mind to coordinate with the instructions. Inkmeo’s Join the Dots Colouring Roll gives your kids a unique way to learn the connecting numbers, enhance memory retention and have fun while uncovering the hidden picture. So buy Inkmeo’s Join the Dots Colouring Roll right away and enjoy the perks of the added Augmented Reality feature.

Inkmeo - Reusable Nursery Rhymes Colouring Roll [6 inch]

Nursery Rhymes Colouring Roll (6 inch)


The world has changed drastically and is developing every day, but nursery rhymes are the one that travels for generations. Nursery Rhymes is a bridge that helps your child to learn language in a easy and fun way. Magicbox-Inkmeo’s Reusable Nursery Rhymes Colouring Roll is designed to build your kid’s vocabulary skills and which in turn takes them to the fantasy world.

Inkmeo - Reusable Seasons Colouring Roll [6 inch]

Seasons Colouring Roll (6 inch)


Teach your kids about the different seasons of the year with the help of Inkmeo’s Seasons Colouring Roll. The long stretch of seasonal imagery helps implant the basic concepts of different seasons, their characteristics and helps kids to understand the concept rather than simply memorising the names. So let your kids enjoy colouring the various seasons along with the perks of the Augmented Reality embedded in the sheet. Make their digital use more academic with Inkmeo’s Seasons Colouring Roll and guide your child to a safer and eco-friendly future.

Inkmeo - Reusable Tamil Rhymes Colouring Roll [6 inch]

Tamil Rhymes Colouring Roll (6 inch)


Explore the new Wall Colouring Roll to engage your children in the world of creativity. Basically, kids are the one who are packed with more creative ideas and they always express their ideas on the walls. In order to build their creative ideas, here we present Inkmeo’s Wall colouring Roll. Discover and teach your kids Nursery Rhymes in tamil and promote the linguistic skills with a new way of learning.

Inkmeo - Reusable Types of Houses Colouring Roll [6 inch]

Types of Houses Colouring Roll (6 inch)


With the advancement in society and the development of civilisation, children need to be taught about the different types of lifestyles that people have adapted themselves to in this generation. With Inkmeo’s Types of Houses Colouring Roll enhanced with Augmented Reality, your kid can now learn about the different types of houses and the various terminologies with ease. Inkmeo helps you to guide your child’s mind with the apt use of gadgets and devices and control digital time too. Spread the Inkmeo’s Types of Houses Colouring Roll on your walls and give your child a colourful and educated future.

Inkmeo - Reusable Vehicles Colouring Roll [6 inch]

Vehicles Colouring Roll (6 inch)


Ever since civilisation began, man has developed the modes of transportation to a faster and finer style of travel. While it is fun for kids to play with toy vehicles, it is important that they get the optimum exposure to the knowledge about vehicles too. Inkmeo’s Vehicle Colouring Roll brings your kids the much-needed information about different types of vehicles along with the joy of colouring vehicles. So fill your kids’ room with Inkmeo’s Vehicle Colouring Roll and open a fun world of vehicles to them.