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Inkmeo - Reusable Five in One Colouring Roll [24 inch]

Five in One Colouring Roll ( 24 inch)


Discover the All in One tool to engage your kids in various activities and develop their mental ability to learn new things. The Five in One Colouring Roll is a Collection of Vegetables, Fruits, Animals, Numbers and Alphabets. Here is a great opportunity for your kids to develop their knowledge in an interesting way. The kit is enhanced with Augmented Reality App that has made teaching easier for parents and teachers. The five in one colouring roll is designed especially for kids for better learning.

Inkmeo - Reusable Hindi Rhymes Colouring Roll [24 inch]

Hindi Rhymes Colouring Roll ( 24 inch)

Nursery rhymes teach your kids good habits and behaviour and also promotes in-built planning and execution of their daily activities. Our Inkmeo Wall Colouring Roll had created an easier and a better way of teaching. We have come up with a new way of building linguistic competence and promote our National language. Watch and discover Balgeeth Hindi Rhymes Wall colouring Roll complied with Augmented Reality and see the characters coming alive.