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Inkmeo Wall Colouring Rolls

There's nothing quite like seeing your child illustrate their creative genius for the very first time... Or that devilish little smile of self-gratification.  Well get ready to give your child a creative boost of honorable brain power, with Inkmeo's Wall Colouring Rolls.

Customer Testimonials

Together with Family

Our afternoon spent right..!! Family together loves to paint & color....!! We had fun colouring the Dinosaur themed Inkmeo Reusable Colouring Roll..!!

Instagram @the_momlab

Wow! Paper that Sings!!!

Lovely product from Inkmeo. Kids love to colour on wall, so this wall colouring roll helps them explore that along with the app which sings rhymes based on the picture.

Instagram @mommynyuvi

Enjoying Colouring

I bought this Inkmeo Colouring Roll a week back and my daughter is enjoying colouring it.

Instagram @creativemommystuff

Family that paints together stays together..

Our Sunday morning is sorted!!! What about you?? Thanks to Inkmeo for this amazing colouring roll.. So we all sit and decide who colours what !! Family that paints together stays together..

Instagram @momandthebeauty

Finally a Solution for Wall Scribbling

I was tired of the scribbled walls all over my home, while looking for some solution for that, I came across these reusable colouring rolls from Inkmeo and I swear I am all sorted now! If you want clean walls go for these rolls without a second thought! Colour, wipe and repeat!

Instagram @messymomslife